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Algopedia - Documents for a Globally Organized Alleviation of Suffering (Algopedia, for short) is a wiki dedicated to the management of knowledge about suffering.

It offers a place in contemporary culture to collect, classify, and distribute relevant documents. By its design and methods, as a collaborative frame of work, Algopedia invites users to participate in a common endeavor to alleviate suffering worldwide.

More precisely, users are invited here to make links between any document of interest and the globally organized alleviation of suffering that is proposed by the Algosphere Alliance. It is hoped that the Alliance will strategically connect a large number of people, and that Algopedia will represent an essential component for effecting this connection through the sharing of millions of documents.

Algopedia is designed according to an operating concept based on the acknowledgment by allies in Algosphere that each of their own peculiar itineraries is an integral part of the whole map of routes to alleviation. That concept is personified as Ariadne (inspired by a mythological figure). You may meet our guide Ariadne on her page.



This wiki works very much like Wikipedia. You are welcome to read or contribute as you may please.

If you have in mind a document, you may use the search box in the upper right of every page. This will bring you to the article about the document. If the article does not exist, you may create it easily: click on the red link (given by the search result) and follow online instructions. If you make mistakes, don't worry, someone will certainly come after you to improve the article. You may ask Ariadne for help.

For a table of contents, click on "Special pages" here in the left margin, and then choose what you are looking for under "Lists of pages".

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