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Regular tasks

"A dormant wiki is a wiki where no activity[1] has been shown for a period of 60 days or longer. Dormant wikis are considered inactive, and because they still use server resources (such as disk space for the wiki database), we have to close (or delete) them. After 45 days, a site notice may be placed on the wiki to remind users that they must be more active. After this banner has been placed for at least 15 days (minimum 60 days total inactivity), the wiki will be closed/locked (making read-only) by global staff. Bureaucrats of the wiki will be notified on their talk page (on the affected wiki) and via email (if the user set a confirmed email address in Special:Preferences), and adoption (see #Adoption) will be allowed a week after the closure. If no user has requested the adoption of a wiki at least 120 days after the closing of a wiki (minimum 180 days/6 months inactivity) and it still remains inactive, it will be eligible for deletion."

  • Create and develop stub articles

Short term

  • Find collaboration on/via FB... see for instance “effective altruism knowledge repository” (ask user Robert Daoust)
  • Create the following pages
Pages to be created
Ronald Anderson : Foundation for Compassionate Societies (to develop the site, and two recent books: World Suffering and Quality of Life and Human Suffering and Quality of Life

Naître est-il dans l'intérêt de l'enfant ? Jean-Christophe Lurenbaum

Socrethics, Bruno Contestabile

The Hedonistic Imperative, by David Pearce

Essays on Reducing Suffering, by Brian Tomasik

Effective altruism

The Interdisciplinary Program on Pain and Suffering: it has a project that might help us in making a first Algonomy Handbook. See their Second Workshop 2011, Book Project at (and see also this other page on their Book Project : Their project is commendable, however it does not avoid a recurrent pitfall in the field of studies about suffering : a group is gathered where each participant deals with the topic of suffering from his or her own professional perspective, but in spite of a will to provide a unifying view from the part of some supervising editor(s), there is no real common framework, simply because the idea of creating a single discipline dealing with suffering (an algonomy) is not applied.

Robert Daoust: Introduction to Algonomy

International days (relevant to the alleviation of suffering) - ask for help, perhaps in the FB Algosphere group, to do that...

Globally organized alleviation of suffering (?)

Medium term

  • Import relevant items from the Facebook group Algosphere (which has currently no backup except possibly here)
  • Help user Robert Daoust to contribute by transferring to Algopedia some of his bookmarks, files, archives, etc.
  • create FAQ

Long term

  • ...
  • A rule of thumb is that everything that can be seen on Special:RecentChanges is counted as activity.