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(This page is a draft, with notes, and should be improved soon.)

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There is in this wiki various 'namespaces' for various uses. See explanation at See list of namespaces in the pulldown menu at Special:AllPages.

The Main namespace contains the regular (for the public) articles or entries.

The Project namespace (prefix Algopedia:) contains various types of pages connected with the Algopedia project itself: information, processes, policy, discussion, 'essays', etc.

From Wikipedia Welcoming Committee

"To understand Wikipedia, it is easiest to think of this website as having two types of pages: pages that are part of the encyclopedia itself, and pages of the community (used by contributors to help build and operate the encyclopedia). To find your way around the encyclopedia, either enter a term into the search box at the top-right side of the screen, or go to Wikipedia's table of contents. (...) If you would like to look around Wikipedia to see what's on it, keep in mind that many major subjects have a root article on the Portal:Contents/Overviews page and an outline on the Portal:Contents/Outlines page. There are some other "Tables of Contents" type pages on Wikipedia. (...) Wikipedia also has an alphabetical index of all of its articles, and a categorical index of most of them. Wikipedia's community pages include instructions, help pages, policies and guidelines, processes, discussion forums, places to make requests, pages to report problems, and user pages. These are all pages which we use to develop the encyclopedia and to communicate with each other in that mission. We even have an online newspaper, The Signpost, that reports on developments that affect the encyclopedia and its community, from within and abroad."[1]

"In addition to greeting new users, we also design and help maintain pages specifically to assist newcomers in various ways. The pages we help operate and/or maintain are:[2]

  • Wikipedia:Welcoming committee/Welcome to Wikipedia – main welcome page.
  • Wikipedia:Introduction – Wikipedia introduction page.
  • Wikipedia:Contributing to Wikipedia - Wikipedia main introduction on where and how to edit.
  • Wikipedia:Tutorial – Wikipedia editing tutorial.
  • Wikipedia:Questions – the "where to ask questions" directory.
  • Wikipedia:FAQ – quick answers to the most common questions.
  • Wikipedia:New contributors' help page – a place for new users to post questions and get answers by volunteers who monitor or frequent the page.
  • Wikipedia:Help desk – volunteers answer questions on how to use Wikipedia. Many new users go there for help too.
  • Wikipedia:Adopt-a-User – a new user can be adopted by an experienced user who will be his/her mentor.
  • Wikipedia:Your first article – information about how to create a good first article.
  • Wikipedia:Teahouse - new users are welcomed, helped and encouraged.
  • Help:Contents/Directory - a descriptive directory of Wikipedia's informative, instructional and consultation pages."

Notes and references