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Ariadne and the Labyrinth. Master of Cassoni Campana. 15th century. Avignon. Musée du Petit Palais.

Ariadne - In order to strategically[1] connect people through the sharing of documents, Algopedia is designed according to an operating concept that is personified as Ariadne (inspired by a mythological figure).

Ariadne is a guide offering a global map and peculiar threads, a guardian of the overall view and of everyone’s peculiar itinerary, a muse, a mascot, a servant...

Meet our guide Ariadne[edit source]

Welcome to you! I live in the backstage world of Algopedia, where I hope to serve you to the best of my ability.

As you must know, a comprehensive approach is to be found in the Algosphere Alliance project to “organize the alleviation of suffering, steadily and sustainably.”[2] Organizing in that context consists in focusing energies[3] toward a common goal: all those who want to contribute must be moved by the same political will, or ethical priority, or global project to alleviate suffering. Success may occur inasmuch as people pay attention to a collective process where one’s peculiar itinerary is an integral part of the whole map of routes. My role in Algopedia is to sustain such a process.

How am I doing that? Well, a discipline such as algonomy is required to accurately inform people about how the alleviation of suffering is organized, and an Algonomy Handbook must be available to present and promote the discipline. Algopedia constitutes a complement to the Handbook section about knowledge management, and I, Ariadne, am here to help you find your own way in the immense labyrinth of documentation relating to suffering.

In other words, there is the whole sphere of an organized alleviation of suffering, and there are in that sphere as many particular itineraries as there are interested individuals. Those individuals can communicate between themselves in a globally organized manner thanks to the Algosphere Alliance, but as they must share documents that number by millions, a disciplinary framework like Algopedia is required. Information overload must be managed because effective knowledge is crucial for the organized alleviation of suffering. This wiki strives to grasp the full scope of knowledge about suffering, and I am here to be the guardian of an overall view that can, as needed, get everyone on the same page or provide a thread to reach a page for a few persons only.

Within Algopedia, I consider you as a participant in the Algosphere communication process for a collective action that is autonomously coordinated by means of your own action. I consider you as both a receptor of information (threatened to be submerged and cut out from action) and an emitter (at risk of contributing to the deluge and be talking instead of doing). You are invited to use Algopedia not only for taking information in order to feed your action (navigating the sea of documentation or seeking a specific info), but also for sharing information about what you or others are doing (entering a contribution). New inputs get into their proper places and thus become available to concerned readers. One thing leading to another, Algopedia, algonomy, and the globally organized alleviation of suffering are all organically growing together, with you as an involved receptor-emitter, linking your peculiar path to others within the general map, in a continuous creative work.

May we kill all horrible monstrous sufferings!

Notes and references[edit source]

  1. "In the near future, it is hoped that the Alliance will strategically connect a large number of people interested in the global alleviation of suffering, and Algopedia will represent an essential component for effecting this connection through the sharing of documents." (source: Algopedia:About)
  2. Algosphere Alliance - Vision
  3. Organizing and energies have the same etymological root.